Getting to Seville

Seville is located in the south of Spain. The traveler can easily get here by airplane, train, or road.


By air

There are direct international flights to Seville Airport (SVQ) from different origins: Amsterdam, Bologna, Brussels, Bordeaux, Dublin, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Frankfurt, Lisbon, London, Marrakesh, Marseille, Milan, Paris, Pisa, Rome, Toulouse.

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By train

Major train lines from Madrid, Malaga and Granada converge in Santa Justa Station (Seville). High speed trains (AVE) connect daily to/from:

- Cordoba (around 34€ to 60€, 40 minutes)

- Malaga (23€ or 45€, 2½ hours)

- Madrid (usually 85€ to 160€, 2½ hours)

- Barcelona (145€ to 260€ 5½ hours)


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By road

Seville has highways connecting to all Andalusian main cities, Madrid and Portugal. Main access roads are A-92, N-IV, A-4, and A-49. You can find in the following chart the distance (in km.) between Spain's main cities and Seville.


Road distance chart


Getting around in Seville

Local buses

The city bus network is based around of four lines- C-1, C-2, C-3, and C-4- which follow circular routes, following the circular road networks of the city, linking the main transport terminals and the city centre. Four transversal lines and a series of radial lines which lead into the centre from the four points of the compass complete the bus network. A single bus ride is €1.20, voucher 10 trips (Bonobus) from €7.

You can pick up a route map, the "Guía del Transporte Urbano de Sevilla", from tourist offices or from information booths at major stops, including Plaza Nueva square, Plaza de la Encarnación square, and Carlos V avenue.

Local Buses phone: +34 900 710 171 (this phone is available only in spanish).



Taxi stops are located on several central streets and squares. Taxis, though, can be hailed any place in the city when they show the “libre” (free) sign or a green light.

From 6.00am to 10.00pm Monday to Friday, taxis cost around €1.26 plus €0.87 per kilometre. At other times and on public holidays, it’s €1.53 plus €1.07 per kilometre.

Phones: +34 954 622 222, +34 954 998 070, +34 954 580 000 (these phones are available only in spanish)


Subway and tram

Seville's recently open subway system has only one line that goes from the west to the south part of the city and surrounding suburbs. A single ride is €1.30.

The "Metro Centro (T1)" is a surface tram by the center of Seville that goes from Plaza Nueva to Prado de San Sebastián.



"Sevici" is the name of a community bicycle program in Seville. Its purpose is to cover the small and medium daily routes within the city in a climate friendly way. More than 250 stations and 2500 bikes will be available. The stations are situated throughout the inner-city with a distance of around 200 metres between each one, with many situated next to public transport stops to allow for intermodal use. The bikes can be borrowed from, and returned to, any station in the system, making it suitable for one way travel. Each station has between 10 and 40 parking slots to fix and lock the bicycle.

In each Parking Station you will find a System Access Terminal and Bike Posts, where you will be able to carry out several operations.

The Short Term Subscription will enable you to enjoy an unlimited number of journeys during 7 consecutive days. Weekly amount to register is €11.30.

First 30 minutes: Free. 1st hour: €1. 2nd hour and more: €2.50.

Please note that when you first register to the system, you will need to authorize a €150,00 deposit with a limited duration. Such deposit will be linked to the duration of the Short Term Subscription; once the Subscription has expired, the deposit will be entirely returned unless the bike has been damaged in any way.

To register, please go to any SEVici Station in the city, make sure you bring along your credit card and follow the on-screen instructions.

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On foot

The city center of Seville is not very large and it is easy to walk to all the tourist spots, a lot of fun to walk around. A large part of the city centre has become car-free.