Speaker Talks (PDF Download)
J. Fernandez-Berni Low-power smart imagers for vision-enabled wireless sensor networks and a case study
R. Carmona-Galan Design of a smart camera system on a single chip in a 3D integrated circuit technology
A. Chefi Hardware compression scheme based on low-complexity arithmetic encoding for low power image transmission over WSNs
V.Viswanathan Image sensor temperature modeling
PJ Lapray High dynamic range smart camera
M. Birem Real-time Harris and Stephen implementation on smart camera
T. Lefevre Hardware and software architecture of a bio-inspired vision system for mobile robots
J. Dubois Video scene analysis for a configurable hardware accelerator dedicated to Smart-camera
S. Mancini Design of non-linear kernel IPs for vision systems
J. Serot Caph: A High-level actor-based language for programming FPGAs
H. Chenini A model-driven approach for real-time road recognition on Homogeneous Network of Communicating Processors (HNCP)
P. Pagano    Background characterization of one-dimensional images from a Smart Camera Network
Przemysław Sliwinski Autofocusing with the help of the empirical Haar transform
D. Ramadassan Basic software architecture for untagged AR applications on android plateform
S. Chevobbe RPC : a flexible architecture for image processing in mobile phone
B. Murovec A reference design for cost-effective visual-sensor-network nodes
Richard Kleihorst Mouse sensor for networks
F. Pelissier Panoramos: Few steps towards a panoramic smart camera


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